Creating modals through React can be super simple! We’ll be going over how you can quickly and easily add a simple modal to your app too!

We will be using the react-modal package today. To install, you can use npm or yarn:

$ npm install --save react-modal
$ yarn add react-modal

Once you have this installed and a react program started, we will be updating the import files in the component you will be adding the modal to. We will also be using the State Hook. Below is an example of what to add to your imports:

Above we’ve…

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New to Javascript? Want to make your life a little easier? Well then, welcome to Javascript Frameworks! As said by GeeksforGeeks, “A well-chosen framework can make the work far easier. What’s more, they ‘re free and open-source, so there’s no risk in trying, now is there?”

But what is a Javascript framework? Javascript frameworks are libraries of prewritten Javascript code to use for routine programming features and tasks.

Now let’s divine into some of the most popular Javascript Frameworks out there right now!

1) React

React, one of the most popular JS Framework is created and maintained by Facebook. It is used…

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So what are VS Code extensions? According to Visual Studio, “Extensions are add-ons that allow you to customize and enhance your experience in Visual Studio by adding new features or integrating existing tools. An extension can range in all levels of complexity, but its main purpose is to increase your productivity and cater to your workflow.”

Awesome! Features ✔️ Productivity ✔️✔️ ✔️

You can browse and install extensions from within VS Code. On the left of your VS Code, if you navigate to the extensions tab (circled in yellow below), this will show you a list of your installed and…

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So, what exactly are RubyGems? According to, “The RubyGems software allows you to easily download, install, and use ruby software packages on your system. The software package is called a “gem” which contains a packaged Ruby application or library.

Gems can be used to extend or modify functionality in Ruby applications. Commonly they’re used to distribute reusable functionality that is shared with other Rubyists for use in their applications and libraries. Some gems provide command line utilities to help automate tasks and speed up your work.”

If you’ve done any coding exercises you may have already came across and…

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